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The Lit Festival of Reading and Writing is a festival for young people by young people. We invite you to plunge into a book, fall in love with the world of words and take to arms with a pen in hand.

I think the Lit is "lit" because it's not gonna be some boring workshop about the secret life of papermaking or developing good punctuation. There's going to be bad language, there's going to be good language and there's going to be interesting people who are not afraid to tell the world how they feel. It's a festival of reading and writing but really it's a festival of raw emotion and worlds we only wish would exist."

-Libby Marchant (Committee 2018/2019)

Helping organise The Lit has been a great experience. In school it can sometimes feel like your opinion is just tossed aside, so it's nice going to a place where people listen to what you have to say and take it seriously. I think that anyone who comes to the festival will have a laugh and will hopefully take something away from it too. "


-Nicole Burke (Committee 2017/2018)

The Lit is brilliant because it will give young people and opportunity to immerse themselves in writing while surrounded by like-minded individuals. Hopefully, everyone who comes to the festival will walk away with memories of words, wonder and fun."

-Isobel Tiernan (Committee 2018/2019)

I love how we can finally feel like we're a part of something bigger than just a group of people who meet in the library on Saturdays. We are helping to rebirth a love literature in the young people of Ireland especially in a time when young people need somewhere to use their voices and come together."


-Daisy Drohan (Committee 2018/2019)