The first thing to say about legendary non-conformist Dave Lordan is that he has always done his own thing regardless of trends or conventions  - and so he has always stood out. 


He is a uniquely inventive contributor to contemporary Irish literature culture - a multimedia writer, performer, & educator from a working-class background in County West Cork whose entertaining and provocative work has always had a community/social-movement focus and a sharply radical edge.


He has won many awards and is widely recognised as a major innovator in Irish literature and in creativity education. His famous anti-bullying poetry video for young people, "Because I'm Human",  is used as a resource in schools all over the world. His work is often broadcast on RTE radio & has featured in the world's leading literary magazines, including Poetry Chicago and Granta. 


He is one of a select few contemporary writers to feature alongside Joyce, Beckett, Edna O Brien et al in The Other Irish Tradition, a new anthology of the best of irish alt.fiction throughout the ages. Fans of Dave's work include many in the grassroots and alternative Irish Arts World, including Christy Moore, whose inspired version of Dave's Lost Tribe of The Wicklow Mountains closes the rave reviewed 2016 Album Lily.


Listen to Episode one of Dave's hit podcast The Dead Friends here.  Check out his poems/stories/videos etc. at youtube.com/davelordanfacebook.com/davelordancreativity and davelordan.com.

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