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Libby is what some people like to call hyperactive but she herself would say it’s just fun loving. She enjoys doing things she’s not supposed to and then feeling extremely guilty about it afterwards. Her favorite food used to be ice cream but then she had a dodgy one in Spain over the summer and she can’t stand the sight of it anymore which has broken her heart (she’s also not at all dramatic). Libby likes to cry onto a page about how much she loved glee and then call it poetry afterwards.

Who is your favourite writer?

J.K Rowling

What are your favourite books?

Dancing on Thorns - Rebecca Horsfall

On Writing - Stephen King

The Handmaid's Tale - Margaret Atwood

What do you like writing about?

Whatever has a lot of words that rhyme with it. It makes things a lotttt easier.


What are you looking forward to? 

Big Little Lies season Two and possibly purchasing a new goldfish (I'm going to name him Ketchup because my other two fish are called Chicken and Chips).