• Nicole Burke

The Best Way to Tell a Story

The Best Way to Tell a Story

Perhaps it's through an intricate dance

that perfectly depicts each twist a turn of emotion

Each beat of the drum now the beat of your heart

That dances along to a steady rhythm

And prevents it from racing

Maybe it's through a piece of music

where once graceful fingers begin to forcefully press keys

Or pluck strings just the slightest bit harder

til the anger is hardly recognisable

now disguised as a soothing melody

What about simply writing it down?

In a story about monsters with crimson red eyes

and pointed teeth that form sinister grins

but also fear, fear that can be overcome

If you're willing to try hard enough

Everyone finds their own unique way

Even the quietest person must express themselves

Often no words are needed at all

But one thing I've learnt over time is that

You can never tell someone's story for them.

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